Blog awards... Blog awards...

I Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Fiona at her Chateaudelille blog for giving this Award!! G...

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The Renovators - outdoor challenges The Renovators - outdoor challenges

Garden, building exteriors etc... They do these challenges so fast, usually around 4 hours, I just d...

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The Renovators - Random snaps! The Renovators - Random snaps!

Rooms I liked! It's been great to get some other people's opinions of The Renovators, keep ...

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The Renovators - First Ep The Renovators - First Ep

Renovate a whole house in 48 Hours In the first episode I was blown away with the project at hand a...

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The Renovators - TV show The Renovators - TV show

Colour Challenge White Room Challenge This TV Show is on Channel 10 atm, it's called The Renovat...

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The Block - Rod & Tania The Block - Rod & Tania

43 Cameron Street, Richmond General Features PRICE RANGE: $900-990K Property Type: House Bedroom...

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